The Danish Kiloo team, famous for the Subway Surfers runner (our analysis of the game can be read here), announced a new project – Smash Champs.


According to the project’s press release published recently, the player will take on the role of the coach of the Smash Champs team. The user will have to train their champions in the action component of the game, and then release them to fight with “friends and rivals”. The battles will take place in a step-by-step mode.

They also promise:

  • “swipe action” (you will have to move your fingers on the screen very, very quickly);
  • PvP;
  • cinematic battles;
  • wide opportunities for customization of heroes.

There are no screenshots from the game yet, just a video clip.

The game will appear on the windows of mobile stores in October this year.

Kiloo is a Danish company founded in Denmark in 2000. The most famous project of the company is the Subway Surfers runner, which she produced (and, I must say, very successfully, the number of downloads of the game at the moment is about 400 million).