Mario Kart Tour is one of the highest—grossing mobile races. To date, the revenue of the game exceeds $ 200 million, and its downloads in the App Store and Google Play — 200 million.

Sensor Tower shared such figures in its latest report.

Recall that Mario Kart Tour has demonstrated success since its release, on September 25, 2019. On the first day, the game was downloaded more than 20 million times, and its revenue amounted to $ 1 million — it was the largest launch in the history of mobile games. Also, according to analysts, it took the Nintendo project 11 days to get the first 100 million downloads and revenue of $ 17.8 million. And for the first time she was able to earn $ 100 million in less than six months from the release.

Although Mario Kart Tour failed to keep the pace of downloads and revenue growth set at the start, its current performance remains at a high level. Last year, the game earned an average of $7.7 million per month. In addition, its revenue from April 2020 to March 2021 amounted to $92.7 million. Thanks to this, Mario Kart Tour became the second most profitable Nintendo game, second only to Fire Emblem Heroes with $163.4 million in revenue.

Globally, over the past 12 months, Mario Kart Tour has been ranked fourth in terms of revenue among all mobile races. KartRider Rush+ ($169 million), QQ Speed ($146 million) and CSR Racing 2 ($121.5 million) raised more money than her.

The main box office markets for Mario Kart Tour for all time since the release date were the USA ($76 million or 37.6%), Japan (28%) and France (7.3%). Most of the game’s earnings were generated by App Store users — 63.4%.

Downloads came mainly from the USA (37.4 million or 18.6%), Brazil (9.4%) and Mexico (7.8%). Google Play users were responsible for the lion’s share of downloads — 56.2%.