In just a week since the release of Farming Simulator 22, it has surpassed the mark of 1.5 million copies sold. Previously, no game in the series has shown such results at the start. At the same time, the new part of Farming Simulator is the first title that Giants Software studio publishes independently.The company attributes the success of Farming Simulator 22 both to the presence of a dedicated fan base and to the support of crossplay between PC and consoles.

The company’s management will also assure that its partnership with manufacturers of equipment present in the game played a special role.

“We managed to create an international structure and turn such a successful series of games as Farming Simulator into an independent brand that we publish ourselves. This is an important achievement. Such a successful launch of the new game was the result of effective cooperation with our partners,” said Christian Ammann, CEO of the Swiss studio.

Prior to the release of Farming Simulator 22, Giants Software studio games were published by Focus Entertainment (formerly Focus Home Interactive). In October last year, the Swiss studio announced the launch of its own publishing direction. So far, it has been releasing only its own projects.

The release of Farming Simulator 22 took place on November 22. The peak online simulator on Steam reached 105,636 people. This is more than the maximum number of simultaneous players in Battlefield 2042. According to the results of last week, the project also took the first place in the list of bestsellers of the Valve store.