Sony continues to selectively abandon the exclusivity of some of its titles. The MLB baseball simulator The Show 21, which was previously released only on PlayStation, will also appear on Xbox for the first time. This is hinted at, among other things, by the cover of the game merged into the network.The covers of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One versions of the game were shared by a well-known insider Anerdydad.

It is noteworthy that the logo of not only the developer SIE San Diego, but also PlayStation Studios is indicated on the box of the version for the Microsoft console.

In a statement, the MLB Baseball League said that versions of the game for other consoles will be released in early 2021. At the same time, this information was retweeted by the official Xbox and Nintendo accounts.

Last year Sony released some of its PC exclusives, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human. However, the case of MLB The Show 21 is unique, since the company has not yet published titles of its internal studios on competing consoles.

Last summer, Sony also announced the possible release of its other titles on the PC. However, this does not mean that the company is going to abandon the exclusivity policy.

The head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst noted that such releases will remain an exception to the rules rather than a regular practice. “The release of one AAA title from an internal studio on PC does not mean that each of our games will be released on PC, he said in March last year.