A new project from Rovio Stars is coming out on Thursday. The new title is dedicated not to birds, as you might think, but to pirates.


The joint project of Rovio and Midaki, Plunder Pirates, is a win-win combination of strategy and maritime romance. The game, as we have already mentioned, resembles Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, but with some differences. First, the setting. Pirates, tropical islands, parrots – in a word, arrrr! Secondly, Plunder Pirates has single companies focused more on exploring lands than conquering them.


The title withstood a “soft launch” on iOS in Australia, Canada and Finland and, despite the lack of outstanding box office results, attracted, judging by the reviews in the App Store, the favorable attention of users.

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Plunder Pirates’ position in the top box office of the App Store of Australia and Canada (App Annie) Plunder Pirates’ position in the free top App Store of Australia and Canada (App Annie) 

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The world release of Plunder Pirates will take place on September 18, Thursday.

A source: http://www.gamezebo.comRovio Stars is a division of Rovio, which is engaged in publishing third-party mobile projects.

Officially began its work in June 2013. Currently, the company’s portfolio includes four projects: Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage, Juice Cubes, Tiny Thief and Word Monsters.