The Russian company Buka announced that on September 11, a mobile version of the quest “Petka and Vasily Ivanovich save the galaxy” will appear on Google Play.


The project, according to an official press release, “has undergone minor changes: the interface has been redesigned for touch screens, some audio tracks have been remastered to avoid copyright issues.”

In the first week of sales, the game will be distributed at a price of 99 rubles, then 129 rubles will be asked for it. It is unknown whether an iOS version is planned. 

It seems to us that releasing a paid quest initially on the Android platform is a controversial decision. If today a paid mobile game can earn money, then only on iOS (and not always). 

The original title was developed by S.K.I.F. and released by Buka almost exactly sixteen years ago, in November 1998. The success of the game led not only to a series of imitations, negatively met by both the press and the players, but also to the continuation of the original project. A total of nine parts of “Petka and Vicha” have been released at the moment.

A source: http://www.buka.ruBuka is one of the main gaming players in the gaming retail market in Russia in the noughties.

It was founded in 1993. After the 1998 crisis, she was the first to offer to sell licensed games at the price of “pirated” ones. In 2008, 1C was acquired, according to Vedomosti, for $80-$90 million.