Indie studio SuperMoon Games, which was created by natives of Zynga, is preparing to leave the monster corporation with a nose.


The SuperMoon Games studio was opened by Jim Vessella, Simon Armstrong and Kyle Van Meurs. All three resigned from Zynga in November with the aim, quote, “to leave behind giant corporations and try their luck in the game industry themselves.” The developers are financing the startup out of their own pocket and hope very much that the studio’s first game will “shoot”.


Work on an ambitious project called Galaxy Dash began back in November, judging by the team’s Facebook profiles. The developers promise that the game will be a runner and a space battle at the same time.

Soon it will be possible to evaluate the result: Galaxy Dash will be released on iOS and Android on September 18.



Source: http://www.develop-online.netThe rights to the character depicted in the photo belong to 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

All images with the SuperMoon Games logo are taken from the official website of the studio

Zynga is a pioneer company in the social gaming market.


It was founded in 2007. Osovny capital earned on Texas Hold’em Poker (now Zynga Poker). In 2008, she collected investments for $29 million, which allowed her to acquire MyMiniLife, at that moment, who had just completed the Farmville time manager. In 2011, Zynga successfully entered the IPO, raising more than $1 billion during the placement of shares. Then the company continued its policy of acquiring promising companies. This led to a severe drop in income. As a result, in the summer of 2014, the founder of the company, Mark Pincus, resigned as CEO, giving way to the former head of Microsoft’s entertainment division, Don Mattrick.