Developers are beginning to actively use the Playtest function on Steam. Chinese studio 24 Entertainment has launched an open beta of its debut game Naraka: Bladepoint using it. The Battle Royale with elements of Parkour has already been included in the list of the most popular Steam games, and its peak online exceeded 140 thousand people.24 Entertainment announced the launch of the Naraka: Bladepoint beta on April 23.

Thanks to the Playtest function, any user could request access from the developers and test the game.

On April 25, 145 thousand users were already playing at Naraka: Bladepoint at the same time. This allowed the 24 Entertainment project to get to the seventh place in the list of the most popular Steam games, bypassing Path of Exile, Rainbow Six Siege and Warframe.

Naraka: Bladepoint is a royal battle for 60 people, in which the emphasis is on fighting with the use of cold weapons. Other important gameplay components include parkour and the use of a cat hook.

A local character editor also caused a heated discussion among users. 24 Entertainment even launched a special contest for the authors of the best characters.