The analytical company Newzoo has prepared a traditional rating of the 20 most popular games on the PC platform in July 2018.

The leader of the chart was again MOBA League of Legends.

Online shooter Fortnite rose to the 2nd place of the rating, pushing down Hearthstone and PUBG one line down. A new wave of interest in the world-famous Epic Games title was associated with the start of the 5th game season, which started on July 12.

The most popular PC games in July 2018, Newzoo

The best growth dynamics in the Newzoo rating was shown by the military tactical shooter Arma 3 company from Bohemia Interactive. The game of five years ago last month rose by 5 positions and took the 18th line. Gamers became interested in Arma 3 again thanks to the Encore free add—on, which added a large amount of equipment to the game – including new warships and coastal defense systems.

Newzoo notes that due to the Arma 3 update last month, it managed to pull 9.2% of the audience from GTA V. However, this did not affect the popularity of the Rockstar hit itself in any way — the game retained 10th place in the rating.

Along with Arma 3, the cooperative shooter Warframe of the Canadian studio Digital Extremes has noticeably increased in popularity. He rose by 4 positions and took 14th place in the Newzoo rating. Interest in Warframe intensified after the annual Tenncon conference, where the creators announced new game additions Fortuna and Railjack. The demonstration of future innovations turned out to be so spectacular that it provoked an influx of players to the Warframe servers, although the promised updates themselves will not be released until the fall of this year.

The fall of the month was the “battle Royale” Realm Royale from the creators of the successful free-play heroic shooter Paladins studio Hi-Rez Studio. In July, the game lost 7 positions and dropped to 19th place in the list.

Newzoo statistics are based on data from the Overwolf gaming service, which is used by 12 million people. Overwolf counts the number of gaming sessions held over the past month in North America and Europe.

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Source: Newzoo