Let’s start with a not very rhetorical question: will MMORPGs made according to the patterns of the “classical school” be able to take root on mobile platforms (read, will the ideological heirs of World of Warcraft and Lineage be financially successful on smartphones and tablets)?


Order Authors & Chaos, most likely, will nod their heads, although if the answer were really unambiguous, Gameloft, the publisher of the game, would bring to the market every year not only for a new part of Asphalt and Modern Combat, but also for a new MMORPG. Instead, the company is only developing a role-playing game brand, publishing either a MOBA or a card butler under its IP. 


Order & Chaos Online

But for the authors of Albion Online, apparently, the answer is obvious. Otherwise, they would not have been going to output their MMORPG, including on iOS and Android. However, while the game has just entered the beta testing stage on PC. 

The other day, the first video of the project also appeared, from which it becomes clear that the player will not only perform the traditional “bring / kill”, but also collect resources with his bare hands, then craft weapons from them, build houses and fight with other players for game territories. 

However, it is not clear to us how all this beauty will be implemented on touch devices, whether users playing on different devices will spend time on different servers, and in general, will the game change much when porting? At the moment, Albion Online does not look like a project that can be completely multiplatform. 

And what do you think, does the game have prospects in the mobile market? 

A source: http://toucharcade.com