Microsoft has updated guidelines that will help developers make games more accessible to people with disabilities. Studios will be able to submit their projects for PC and Xbox for review and receive feedback on their improvement.This was stated in the official Xbox blog by senior project manager Brannon Zahand (Brannon Zahand).

In addition to screenshots indicating errors and individual edits, studios will be sent links to documentation on improving accessibility, as well as the opinion of individual experts on this issue from non-profit and industry-recognized organizations.

The first version of the Xbox Accessibility Guidelines documentation was released in January last year and compiled with the support of gamers with disabilities. After collecting feedback from developers and the community, Microsoft revised some points and released an updated version of the rules.

An important part of the program will be the participation of players with disabilities in testing games. They will be able not only to check the projects for availability, but also to provide their own ideas for improving individual aspects.

Microsoft has been taking steps to increase the availability of its products to the widest possible range of users for a long time. In 2018, the company introduced a special Xbox Adaptive Controller, and in 2019 it was noted for the breakthrough level of availability in Gears 5 at that time.