In September, a new character appeared in Genshin ImpactShogun Raiden. That’s just his abilities did not match those promised by the company miHoYo. The players didn’t like it. So much so that some users decided to go to court.

According to the Kotaku portal, Raiden’s abilities became known during the beta test of the update. Although miHoYo forbade testers to share information, some of it still leaked to the network. For example, gamers learned that Raiden’s skills complemented well the abilities of another character — Bei Dou.

As a result, many gamers considered Raiden a strong enough hero and bought it immediately after the update was released. But they were quickly disappointed, because they did not see what they were waiting for. In particular, Raiden’s abilities no longer affected Bei Dou’s abilities.

The discontent of the players intensified when they noticed that the official description of Raiden also did not match the real skills of the character. Moreover, after the release, miHoYo rewrote it several times. This caused a wave of negativity on Chinese and English-speaking forums. Some users compared the behavior of developers to “corporate deception”. Some of these comments were then deleted by the company.

There were also users who decided to go beyond angry posts. One of the gamers threatened miHoYo with a court, and to make his threats look more weighty, he attached a photo with his lawyer’s license to the complaint.

A few days later, another gamer announced plans to go to court. It looks like he really did, because he later edited his complaint by adding a screenshot from a Chinese judicial website.

miHoYo did not comment on the situation.

Note that this is not the first time Genshin Impact players have been asked to enhance the characters’ abilities. Last December, users complained so actively to the company about Zhong Li’s skills that the developers still had to fix them. Nevertheless, it did not come to lawsuits then.