Despite the release of a major off-season update, online Fall Guys continues to fall. Now it has dropped below 12 thousand simultaneous players, which is several times less than the peak values.The peak online Fall Guys for 24 hours was 11681 people, according to SteamDB.

The last seven days, the number of simultaneous players ranges from 10 to 12 thousand.

Interest in the game broadcasts on Twitch is also at a fairly low level relative to the starting indicators. According to the GitHyp portal, the peak online viewers of Fall Guys over the past day amounted to 28 thousand simultaneous viewers.

For comparison, the record online project during the August peak of popularity exceeded 170 thousand people, and the number of simultaneous viewers on Twitch — 698 thousand.

Online Fall Guys started falling back in the fall. This year, only once has the project surpassed the mark of 20 thousand simultaneous players. On the one hand, the drop in interest looks natural, on the other — it’s a big enough decline for a multiplayer title with regularly updated content.

Yesterday, the developers from Mediatonic released a big off-season update, in which they added a new map, changed more than 40 levels and added new Godzilla costumes, Sonic from the Goose from the Untitled Goose Game. This did not significantly affect the indicators.

In November, sales of Fall Guys exceeded 10 million copies on Steam, and on PlayStation the game became the most downloaded in the history of PS Plus. Despite the continued decline of the online, developers continue to work on the next updates.