The Deep Rock Galactic cooperative shooter was released from early access last year, and since then the popularity of the game has only been growing. Ghost Ship Games studio reported 2 million copies sold and a MAU of 310 thousand people.The developers shared this information on their official Steam blog.

The studio admits that before the launch it counted on 200 thousand copies sold for the entire existence of the game. This number would have already allowed them to start working on a new title, but Deep Rock Galactic has exceeded expectations many times.

In addition to the traditional words of gratitude to the players and the community, Ghost Ship Games shared various metrics of the project.

  • In 2020 alone, 1.18 million copies were sold (this is more than in the previous two years combined).Deep Rock Galactic was among the 100 best-selling titles of the year on Steam, and its sales almost tripled compared to 2019.
  • The game also topped the world chart of the best-selling Steam projects several times.
  • On average, each user spent 31 hours and 7 minutes in Deep Rock Galactic.
  • In total, since the launch, players have played for a total of 7,478 years.Since 2019, the user base of the project has tripled.
  • The developers are talking about a MAU of 310 thousand people and a DAU of 46 thousand.Deep Rock Galactic spent about two years in early access, and its full release took place in May 2020.

The game is now available on PC and Xbox One.