Corsairs unexpectedly returns in the form of a new Corsairs Legacy game, which promises to become the spiritual heir of the famous series. The IT company Mauris is engaged in the development, which independently finances the project and plans to release it in three stages. We tell you what is known about the game at the moment.

To begin with, it’s worth saying a few words about the developers of Corsairs Legacy. Mauris is an IT company with offices in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan. She specializes in the development of websites, mobile applications and CRM systems for third-party clients. At the same time, the studio also has its own game, a free-play adventure game Save the Pirate: Sea Story.

At the same time, it seems that the project is born on the fragments of the gaming community of “Corsairs”. The fact is that Mauris has a YouTube channel, where videos about the games of the series have been regularly released recently.

Actually, the very idea of creating Corsairs Legacy just arose after communicating in the framework of one of these videos with Yuri Rogach, who worked on the Corsairs series, starting with the second part. Since Rogach himself estimated the probability of the appearance of new “Corsairs” at no more than 3%, Mauris decided to do it on her own.

By the way, Rogach believed that the new “Corsairs” would not appear for a number of reasons:

  • the niche nature of the product and the lack of the necessary volume of the fan base;
  • the need to make three games in one: RPG, sea battles and open world;
  • bankruptcy of Akella;
  • the need for large investments;
  • lack of a ready-made development team.

Mauris herself decided not to try to make a big AAA game right away and split the project into three parts. They will come out gradually and focus on one of the three aspects of gameplay. The developers promise that after the release of the first part of Corsairs Legacy, the team will work with feedback and release patches every month.

Corsairs Legacy Roadmap

  • The first part of the game is a ground RPG based on a modern engine. The release will take place in 2021.
  • The second part of the game is a land RPG + a simulator of sea battles. The release is scheduled for 2022.
  • The third part of the game is all the previous aspects of the project + the open world. The release is scheduled for 2023.

Other Corsairs Legacy Details

  • Corsairs Legacy takes place in the 17th century. According to the plot, Captain Blood became the governor of Jamaica, and the main protagonist of the game will be the former smuggler Jack Rackham.
  • Development is carried out on the Unity engine. Now the team uses purchased, not hand-made 3D models of characters. There are 32 of them at the moment.
  • Mauris independently finances the development by investing the funds earned on its current projects.
  • Before starting work on the project, Mauris talked with the key developers of the Corsairs series. The studio promises to take into account the mistakes of previous games.

The game page is now available on Steam.

Recall that in 2018 there was a conflict between the studio Black Sun Game Publishing (BSGP), engaged in the development of “Corsairs: The Black Mark”, and Dmitry Arkhipov, co-founder of “Akella”. He was associated with the rights to the Corsairs franchise, but in the end the court sided with BSGP and decided to terminate the protection of the trademark.

The other day there was another incident indirectly related to the “Corsairs”. A build of the canceled game “The Adventures of Captain Blood”, which was developed by 1C: Sea Wolf studio and was supposed to become the spiritual heir of the series, leaked to the network. Who exactly publicly leaked the project is still unknown. Shortly before that, the DTF portal even published a review of the game based on the received build.