Krafton managed to release a new version of PUBG Mobile in India almost a year after it was blocked. The project is now called Battlegrounds Mobile India. Tens of millions of local users are already playing it.Statistics were shared on July 12 by Anuj Tandon, Head of Investment and Corporate Development at Krafton in India and MENA countries.

  • In 10 days since the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India has reached a DAU of 16 million users.During this time, 34 million players have registered in the game.
  • The peak online project was 2.4 million users.
  • Congrats to the Publishing team of BGMI less than 10 days.

Shortly before the release, the game collected over 20 million pre-registrations on Google Play.

Such user interest is not surprising, since PUBG Mobile was one of the most popular mobile games in India. According to Newzoo, before last year’s blocking, the number of downloads of the project in the country exceeded 150 million.

Krafton had to make concessions in order to return PUBG Mobile to stores. The company not only took over the operation of the project (instead of Tencent) and renamed it Battlegrounds Mobile India, but also made a number of changes to the game itself. For example, the color of blood was changed to green, and users were periodically reminded of the unreality of gameplay events.