During the New Year holidays, the Rust survival simulator, released back in December 2013, updated several of its own records at once. Firstly, the peak online gaming on Twitch has surpassed the mark of 1 million viewers. Secondly, the number of simultaneous players on Steam has exceeded 240 thousand.The developers announced about overcoming the milestone of 1 million simultaneous viewers on Twitch on January 3.

In just five days, this figure reached almost 1.4 million.

The developers provided Spanish streamers, among whom was elrubius (now he has almost 40 million subscribers on YouTube), with a separate Egoland server. According to the Telegram channel Triple-A PR, there they arranged a role-playing competition among themselves, which was actively followed by users.

There was also a 33% discount on the survival simulator at the last Steam winter sale. Along with the new wave of popularity on Twitch, developers from Facepunch Studios reported on fresh financial successes.

The founder of the studio, Garry Newman, said that on January 4 and 6, Rust earned $ 1 million on Steam. Also, the survival simulator again topped the Steam sales chart, while Cyberpunk 2077 lost the first place for the first time in seven weeks.

At the same time, before the latest records, the maximum online game was 125 thousand people, and the number of simultaneous viewers on Twitch did not exceed 60 thousand.