The NeoAxis Engine has switched to a new free license. Within its framework, its full source code became available to developers.

Previously, NeoAxis Engine was already distributed without royalties, but its full “sources” were hidden. Now you can freely distribute its code, as well as the C# editor. But there are a number of conditions:

  • place in 2D and 3D projects made on the engine the inscription “Made with NeoAxis Engine ( )” and information about it;
  • specify the name and version of the engine in the editor header when distributing it;
  • the same is true when distributing engine modifications.

The copyright for modifications of the source code is reserved for the moderators. However, NeoAxis Group Ltd. can use the modified code at its discretion.

You can find the “sources” of the product on GitHub.

NeoAxis Engine is an environment for developing gaming and non—gaming applications. The engine supports the creation of VR systems. Its current version — 2020.3 — was released in May of this year.

Recall that in the same month, the Defold engine was made open source.

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