Another tool for JRPG lovers to be. Last week, the Japanese publisher Degica Games announced RPG Maker MZ, a new version of the designer /engine for creating two-dimensional role-playing games.

The last large—scale update of RPG Maker — RPG Maker MV – was released in 2015. After that, its developers — KADOKAWA Studio and programmer Yuji Ojima — released mainly content updates.

The new RPG Maker MZ will be released on Steam this summer. It will immediately support 11 languages, including Russian. As before, with the help of the constructor, you can build games without understanding programming at all.

Despite the fact that it is impossible to make a game on RPG Maker that will radically differ in mechanics from classic JRPGs, and its technical implementation will always be at the level of role-playing games of the early 90s, the tool enjoys niche popularity.

One of the most popular projects created with the help of RPG Maker is the adventure game To the Moon. A little later, the same studio was noted for the projects A Bird Story and Finding Paradise. These are the best examples of what can be developed on this engine.

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