Where in Russia you can get a state diploma in game development — in the material for App2Top.ru Maria Kochakova, founder and CEO of the Narratorika School of game Screenwriters, told us.

Maria Kochakova

Summer, it’s time to apply to universities, colleges, technical schools. If you or your acquaintances, relatives, friends are looking for specialized education in game development, then in this article you will find a list of state educational institutions where there are relevant programs. From undergraduate to college.

Important: the article will focus only on state education and state-issued diplomas (that is, exclusively on those structures that are officially licensed).

But first, a few words about education in game development in general. We managed to count 36 programs of higher and secondary education in Russia.

That’s something! And even more than we had hoped. But this is not enough yet. For comparison, the Bachelor Studies website lists 97 bachelor’s degree programs in game design around the world, and the Masters Portal website lists 201 master’s degree programs in video games in general:

  • There are 86 Master’s degree programs and 25 bachelor’s degree programs in the UK;
  • There are 47 master’s degree programs and 34 bachelor’s degree programs in the USA;
  • in other countries it is smaller, but other countries and the volume is smaller;
  • Unfortunately, we do not have data on China, Japan and Korea.

We are slowly but surely moving in the general flow. Shouting “a nightmare is a nightmare, there is no suitable education for games in Russia” is not worth it. The whole world is going through this challenge.

Yes, the United States and Great Britain have overtaken everyone, but this is not a reason to suffer and give up. There, such famous people as Jesse Shell (author of the well-known book Art of Game Design, published in Russian under the title “Game Design. How to create a game that everyone will play“), Eric Zimmerman (co-author of the book Rules of Play, which has the highest citation index in the scientific community), Tracy Fullerton (author of the equally famous Game Design Workshop).

In general, we are also in the trend. Let’s catch up with the West, it’s not the first time for us.

Here are tables of what Russian universities can offer for the academic year 2021-2022.

Do not be afraid of prices — there are budget places everywhere. And be sure to specify the terms of admission in the admissions committees.

Many thanks to the guys from FEFU, who are currently preparing a study on game development education in Russia! They kindly shared the collected data and helped to significantly supplement the table. Low bow!

Finally, if we haven’t named someone, please write to us! We will be happy to expand the table so that everyone has complete information on the programs of Russian universities.