Editorial Office App2Top.ru offers to get acquainted with a selection of the central materials of our resource for the past week.

Лучшее за неделю

The first material we encourage you to get acquainted with is the comScore report – The U.S. Mobile App Report. According to him, most users do not download applications at all. Half of the downloads account for 7% of the total number of smartphone users. Not everyone paid attention to this material last week, but it seemed very important to us, because it clearly demonstrates that it’s time to take up new ways to promote mobile applications, perhaps those that lie outside the screens of mobile devices altogether.

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The upcoming seventeenth anniversary of the Age of Empires series will be celebrated, unfortunately, not by a full-fledged fourth part, but by the release of the Clash of Clans clone. How the series came to this, we examined by arranging a retrospective of the brand


At Gamescom, Game Insight presented a new title “Towers of Dragons”. We asked the project manager about his combat system, game cycle and much more Alexander Shmyrov. We published an interview with him last Wednesday


The main mobile markets are oversaturated today. For this reason, it makes sense for young teams to pay attention to unofficial stores, one of which is Yandex.Store. You can learn about what he is today from an interview that the AppInTop podcast took from Yandex.

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Last week it became known that the advertising platform iAd, created by the “apple” company, began to support the Russian market. We asked Clickky, Unilead Network and Mobio what they thought about it


We also sent out questions to more than eight mobile video advertising companies, wanting to know their opinion on the deal between Amazon and Twitch. Only Everyplay and HyprMX were ready to communicate.


The last major material last week was the publication of an interview with the Russian company Innova, which announced its entry into the mobile market as a publisher of games under the brand “Fogame”.