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Why is Apple implementing its own analytics?Eric Benjamin Seufert, a leading Wooga marketer, shared his thoughts on what is the main innovation of the new iOS 8.

What will the new iTunes Connect be able to do?iTunes Connect has recently been updated, but, unfortunately, has not yet received all the chips that Apple promised developers at WWDC.

What kind of opportunities will developers get very soon?

Apple unveils iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and watchesWe have collected in one material everything that was at the Apple presentation on September 9.

How to hire game designers?Ilya Eremeev, Creative Director of A-Steroids, shared with App2Top.ru experience in hiring employees in game development.

Hug and cry: why we didn’t like the game “HIV and Petka save the Galaxy”Last week the game “Vasily Ivanovich and Petka save the Galaxy” was released.

We have already played it and are ready to share our disappointment with you.

Three Reasons Why We Don’t Believe Microsoft Is Going To Buy Minecraft Authors for $2 BillionMicrosoft is currently discussing the possibility of acquiring Mojang Studio, which is behind the creation, distribution and promotion of Minecraft, Bloomberg claims, citing as many as three sources close to the deal.

Medialets: advertising in apps is twice as effective as advertising on the mobile webMedialets marketing company has prepared a large-scale review of the mobile advertising market, from which you can find out which banners have the highest CTR, which inventory sources, on average, have the best CTR, as well as which types of sites have the least high-quality traffic.

Unity could be sold for $1 — $2 billionThe company-developer of one of the most popular game engines — Unity Technologies — is considering the possibility of its own sale, — says GamesBeat.

App Annie: Gaming index for JulyApp Annie’s report on the global mobile games market for July, which is somewhere far behind.

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