There were quite a lot of games this week. But there are only a few clear favorites among them – Etherlords from Nival, Diamond Digger Saga from King and Angry Birds Stella from Rovio. We will also talk about them. 


A new game from a domestic studio, on the one hand, exploits the cult IP of fifteen years ago in narrow circles, on the other hand, it is one of the most beautiful butlers that we have only seen on the mobile market. In other words, do not expect to meet gloomy synthetics, but do not worry too much – the project is good. 

Diamond Digger Saga

unnamed (4)

We have already written about Diamond somewhere nearby. This is an excellent “three-in-a-row” (actually, now King, having stuffed his hand on Bubble Witch and Candy Crush, does not do others anymore). Its distinctive feature is multi-level levels and the need to fill the levels with water, as in the 4 Elements series. 

Angry Birds Stella

The new Angry Birds is still the same old pig and slingshot game. The key difference between the novelty and all previous games in the series is that the bird team has completely changed its composition and abilities. Whether the new heroines will become as popular as their predecessors is a big question.

Battle for the Galaxy

You know, I don’t want to throw bright epithets and repeat myself, but when playing a new domestic AMTGames project, it seems that Supercell itself should have done something like this a long time ago (and not save on animation). In a nutshell, Battle for Galaxy is a stunningly beautiful clone of Clash of Clans. Moreover, “amazing” can be repeated a couple of times, because it’s not a pity. However, his graphics, let’s say, are not designed for a wide audience. 

Valiant Heart

The Valiant Heart game is hardly worth calling. Rather, an interactive story of one family during the First World War. Yes, there is a little bit of a quest, a little bit of a platformer, but just a little. At the forefront of the project is narrative, not gameplay. 

Gemini Strike

Side-scroller from Armor Games in the spirit of 1945 and Sky Force. Not very complicated, broken down into missions. Not to be confused with Asian scrollers a la Dragon Flight. 

Glue Knight

Hardcore transmission runner, stylized as 16-bit games. Very difficult in places, but, unlike Flappy Bird and Co., not so quickly annoying.