Last Thursday, June 8, the international WN Conference in Istanbul ended. We share its results in figures and graphs.

What was at the conference?

The event traditionally took place in the format of a two-day event, which had both a lecture program and a large exhibition part with the participation of game developers and service companies.

The key difference between the current event and the previous ones was that it was held in conjunction with AI For Business, a conference dedicated to the integration of neural networks into business processes. Actually, one track of the combined event was about games, and the second was about AI.

Also within the framework of the event, the results of the WN Dev Contest game project competition were summed up, in which more than 100 games took part. Its winners were: Pile Up! from Remoob, Turbo Slots from RainStyle, Cyber Wars from Infusion Games and Castle of Alchemists from Team Machiavelli.

How many participants were there?

This year the conference in Istanbul gathered 1508 participants. For comparison, last year the event was personally attended by 1,367 people.

In the entire history of the WN Conference, the Istanbul event can be called the second most successful. WN Media Group recruited more people only in 2019 in St. Petersburg. Then the conference was attended by 2,237 participants.

Of the one and a half thousand people who attended the Istanbul event, most of the guests (50%) are top managers and directors of companies.

How many companies were there?

796 companies related to the gaming sphere were represented at the event. Most of them (55%) are engaged in development.

Companies from the MENA region were mainly represented. Their share of the total number of companies was 39%. Also, a significant part of the participating companies came from Europe (32%) and the former CIS (19%).

Something else?

WN Istanbul’23 is the second big conference of WN Media Group in Turkey. The first Istanbul event took place almost on the same dates a year earlier. Nothing is known about the plans for next year yet, but given the current result, it can be assumed that the event in this location will become a regular event. This year, WN will return to Istanbul at the end of September with the CEO Summit format.

The next WN Conference will be held in Cyprus on September 12-13.

And a few more photos from the conference: