WN Media Group has published the full program of two upcoming American events. In total, about 40 performances are planned. We tell you which of them attracted the attention of the editorial staff App2Top.ru .

But first we recall:

Both events will be dedicated to the current state of affairs in the gaming industry. The broadcast of lectures from both conferences will be available on the WN Hub platform for free (lectures will be in English).

Now about the program. Let’s focus on the reports that we found the most interesting.

15th of November”New ways to monetize mobile games”

  • Representatives of NumberEight, Miniclip, AudioMob and Frameplay will discuss which advertising solutions, in addition to standard ones, are available to game developers today, as well as what prospects these tools have.

  • “Growth points in the Chinese video game market”Lisa Hanson, President of Niko Partners, will talk about the situation on the Chinese gaming market.

In addition, she will note what opportunities exist for foreign companies on it (and whether they exist at all).

November 16th

  • “Xbox 360 Lessons”The lead author of GamesBeat Dean Takahashi has written a book about the history of the Xbox.

Together with Ed Fries, who was responsible for Microsoft Game Studios in the early noughties, Dean will talk about what lessons from the history of Xbox the modern gaming industry should keep in mind.

  • “How to create universes focused on UGC content”Benny Giang, who helped with the launch of one of the most famous and successful blockchain games on the market – CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot, will talk about working with games that support NFT.

November 17th

  • “How to prepare a scalable financial model”If a gaming company is interested in growth, it must have a strong financial model that will allow building an effective UA.

Martin Macmillan from venture Pollen VC will tell you exactly how to approach the creation of such a model.

  • “Building production processes for games-services”Marianne Vaejo from Playrix will share how you can grow a product team focused on rapid development.

She will also compare the production processes in an indie studio with similar ones in a gaming corporation.

November 18th

  • “NFT in games — this year’s lessons and prospects”Jakub Trancik, who is engaged in game design at SuperScale, plans to highlight the history of NFT in games, its influence on free-play titles.

At the same time, he will outline what developers entering the gaming blockchain market should remember.

  • “Can audio games become the future of the industry?”Along with the spread of voice assistants, games focused on them appeared.

Christian Mahnke from EarReality will tell about the possibilities of such content and tools for their development.

November 19

  • “How to promote mobile games with the help of influencers”Yulia Shilnikova and Mark Levin from HypeFactory and MY.GAMES will share their experience of working with influencers when advertising mobile titles, as well as tips for launching such campaigns.

  • “How to choose a visual style for a game focused on a foreign market”What is the difference between the graphics of American games and the graphics of games from Asia, as well as how to adapt one visual style to another, is going to tell Sue Huang, the art director of GameVision.


Despite the fact that you can watch lectures for free, it is possible to fully communicate with the guests of the events online only if you have a ticket. The cost for it starts at $99. You can buy it at this link.

All information about the lecture program can be found on the conference website. By the way, now the events continue the set of projects on the online showcase. You can apply here.