An online conference for gaming specialists was held last week. We share its results, figures and a link to the reports.

Talents in Games Online ran for four days in one stream — from June 8 to June 11. Each of her days was dedicated to a specific discipline:

  • Monday — game design;
  • Tuesday — working with traffic;
  • Wednesday — art;
  • Thursday — working with users.

In each of the disciplines, the organizers invited a guru to speak. For example, David Mullich, who participated in the development of Heroes of Might and Magic III and Vampire, told about game design: The Masquerade is Bloodlines, and the issues of drawing characters were covered by Carlos Grangel, who did sketches for “Monsters on Vacation“, “Kung Fu Panda” and “Madagascar“.

A total of 24 speakers spoke during the week. Among them were representatives of such companies as Supercell, Crytek, Bohemia Interactive, Wooga, Homa Games, Niantic, Voodoo, as well as Pixonic, Wargaming, G5 Entertainment, My.GAMES and others.

According to the organizers, the event was attended by 2,609 industry participants from 105 countries. Only 32% of the participants were from Russia. In addition to the traditional Ukraine and Belarus, significant shares fell on countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Peru, Brazil, and the USA.

Participation in Talents in Games Online was free. To do this, it was enough just to register on the WN Hub platform, at the facilities of which the event was held.

“The guests of the conference were able not only to listen to lectures, but also to chat with the speakers and ask questions right during the speeches,” the representatives of Talents in Games Online wrote to us.

Already now videos with reports have appeared in the public domain. For example, just below is a lecture from Niantic about the design of AR games. Other lectures can be found at this link (all content is in English).

Talents in Games Online is a regular event from WN Media Group. He is the online heir to the eponymous series of events, which was launched a year earlier. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, Talents In Games managed to take place in a physical format twice — last summer in St. Petersburg and last fall in Minsk.

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