The organizer of the WN Conference, whose next session will consist of two events and will be a hybrid, announced the program. Among the speakers are NetEase, Cocos, Huawei, Niko Partners and many others.

Recall that the WN China online conference will begin next Monday, April 26. It will end with the offline event WN Shanghai, the days of which will fall on May 13-14.

The program of the entire session is divided into two streams of reports. The first one will be online and will take place on April 26-28. The second one will be held in Shanghai just on May 13-14 with direct inclusions on the WN Hub.

Both WN China and WN Shanghai are focused on the Chinese market. Therefore, some of the speakers are representatives of local companies, and the topics of many speeches are devoted to work in China and cooperation with local studios.

WN China Online

WN China Online lectures will be held from 8.00 to 15.40 Moscow time. The most curious of them are:

  • “The Asian video game market and what it means for the West

Lisa Cosmas Hanson, founder and president of the analytical company Niko Partners, will highlight the main trends in the Asian video game market, as well as tell what Western companies need to understand about it.

  • How to overcome the cultural difference between the West and the East in GC games”

Yang Yang, who is responsible for publishing games at HomaGames, will share how Chinese developers are working on the concepts of universal game projects suitable for any audience.

WN Shanghai Offline

WN Shanghai Offline performances will run from 15.00 to 22.30 Moscow time. Let’s focus on a couple of the most interesting ones:

  • Interaction of the art department, design department and technical team in the development of AAA games”

Alexis Argyriou, art director of the Shanghai branch of NetEase Games, will highlight how different departments should work together today when creating game blockbusters.

  • “The polarized ISBN industry and the success story of Chinese games in the West

Huabin Ling, technical director of Cocos, in this report will try to explain why so many Chinese developers are striving for Western markets today.


By the way, lectures and the exhibition area on WN China Online will be free to visit. However, you will need to pay for the opportunity to make appointments.

It will also be possible to virtually visit WN Shanghai Offline for free. The ticket price for it in reality starts at €199.