WN Media Group has big plans for 2024. The company plans to hold more than 30 events for the gaming industry. One of them will be a large-scale conference in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The upcoming event is the debut of the WN Conference in the Emirates.

"This is a very attractive region for game developers," explains Yulia Lebedeva, Executive Director and partner of WN Media Group.

One of the main reasons for this is the favorable investment climate.

"It is provided by: a stable financial sector, government support for the industry, convenience of business registration and, of course, low taxes," Lebedeva reveals.

So far, the country lacks international market leaders. At the same time, in general, the video game business in the UAE is well represented.

"According to our calculations, there are at least 120 gaming companies and their representative offices operating in the Emirates," Lebedeva assures.

Many people today are looking for an excuse to go to the Emirates to investigate the situation. The organizers of the WN Conference are confident that the event will become such an occasion.

Lebedeva believes that attracting around 800 participants from various gaming and near—gaming companies to the conference is a completely realistic scenario. As a rule, 40% of WN Conference visitors are representatives of the local market, the rest come to get to know them and each other.

"In addition, the local state organization for the support of the gaming industry promised to support us. In principle, we are good at working in MENA. The most successful WN Conferences of recent years have been held in this region — in Turkey and Israel. I hope the Emirates will become a new growth point for the conference," Lebedeva said.

The event will be held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, from February 15 to 16, 2024. The organizers chose the exhibition halls of the elite Yas Marina complex, located next to the Formula 1 race track, as a venue.

The ticket price starts at €229 (excluding commission). This is the price of an indie ticket without access to parties. A ticket with access to the pre-party will cost €489, and with access to the main party — €639.