Less than a week remains until the first session of the "Gaming Industry" conference. We detail what to expect from the event in our article.


The event will be held at the Cosmos Saint-Petersburg Pribaltiyskaya Hotel. This is a popular event venue, well-regarded, including among gaming events.

Developer Exhibition

A large-scale developer exhibition will take place as part of the conference. About 90 indie teams from across the country are expected. The showcase will feature both PC projects and mobile titles of various genres and monetization types.

Let's not forget, participation in the exhibition is free. To secure your spot at the conference and get one ticket, just submit an application. Applications for participation are open until July 9th, inclusive.


The conference will last only one day but will have three full streams. Three roundtables, two public interviews, and 26 industry expert presentations are planned.

There's too much interesting content to highlight in a single article, so we will focus on a few key points.

  • Panel Discussion: "How much can a game earn in the Russian market?"
  • Top managers from VK Play, Astrum Entertainment, 1C Game Studios, and Innova will discuss the state of the Russian market: have expenses on games in Russia reduced, has there been a reallocation of funds in favor of domestic gaming platforms, is there competition between Russian products, and much more.
  • Presentation: "Pitching: Practice of the publishing group 'Eksmo-AST'"
  • In June, it became known that 'Eksmo-AST' is ready to sell IPs of its published books to game developers. Arina Kuznetsova, head of the script department at 'Eksmo-AST', will detail this initiative at the conference, as well as present potential projects for franchising from game developers.
  • Panel Discussion: "Launching projects and opening studios under sanctions"
  • Producers and owners of successful gaming businesses will share their operating experiences at a roundtable, providing advice to startup companies looking to create games in Russia. Real cases will certainly be discussed.
  • Presentation: "'Smuta' — Lessons from History"
  • Alexey Koptev, founder and CEO of the game studio Cyberia Nova, which released "Smutu," one of the most talked-about Russian releases in recent times, this spring, will talk about the history of the game's development.


After the conference ends, a large party dedicated to the event will be held. It will take place at the "Krysha 18" restaurant, which offers a view of the Pirogovskaya Embankment and the source of the Bolshaya Nevka River.


Organizers expect around 500 attendees at the venue. Tickets can be purchased via this link.