As part of the last Casual Connect session, which took place in early November, the best projects were awarded in ten nominations. In light of the upcoming deadline for submitting applications for the next Indie Prize Showcase, we decided to briefly go through the list.


The award for the best sound and the best mobile game was taken away by the classic black-and-white quest Désiré from Sylvain Seccia. The project tells the story of the growing up of the boy Desiree, who does not distinguish colors.

The pixel platformer ReRunners was recognized as the project with the best design and the best multiplayer. The publisher of the game, reminiscent of SpeedRunners, was the Game Alliance user acquisition fund, aimed at supporting indie teams.

The game with the best art was called the Book of Demons bagel, whose developers from Thing Trunk combined the gameplay of Diablo and a card game in one game. Stylistically, each object in the game seems to be made of colored paper.

According to the jury, the best game narrative turned out to be in the Rusty Lake: Roots project. This is a surreal quest from Rusty Lake Studio. The project is a set of puzzles, solving which the player moves along a dark, psychedelic plot.

The award in the category “Best game for children and family” was given to the mobile project Disco Dave. It was developed by the British studio Amused Sloth. In the project, the user must swipe to control a disco dancer. Task: to score as many points as possible.

Wrath of Loki was named the most innovative game and the best game for virtual reality. This is a classic hidden, adapted for VR. It was developed by the Polish studio The House of Fables.

The award “the best game of the exhibition: audience choice” was taken away by the third-person PvP action Heroes Rage, developed by the Israeli studio Playtagon. The game, which is rare for the genre, allows you to specialize in both melee and remote combat.

Casual Connect Europe 2017 will be held in February next year. Applications for participation in his Indie Prize Showcase can be sent until December 5. The application can be sent here.

Indie Prize Showcase – a showcase within the framework of the international scholarship program for indie developers (one of the initiatives of the Casual Games Association) in Tel Aviv gathered developers from 21 countries with 60 games that were selected by the judges to participate in the conference. The award ceremony can be viewed at this link.