The Indie Game Cup Indie project competition has started. The best projects will receive awards and prizes at the winter White Nights, which will be held in February 2017 in Prague.


The organizers of the Indie Game Cup call the competition the championship of game projects from indie teams. It has been held as part of every White Nights conference since the summer of 2015. Previously, such games as The Final Station, Gods and Glory, The Unknown and Pig Bang.

An indie team is treated as a company consisting of no more than 15 people. There are no genre or platform restrictions. The main condition, if we are talking about an already released project: it should have been released no earlier than February 2016. If the game has not been released yet, then it should be at least at the alpha stage. That is, most of the functionality and content must be implemented.

To submit a game to the Indie Game Cup, you need to buy a ticket to the conference. Its cost for indie developers is €150. App2Top readers who are indie developers can get a 10% discount. To do this, it is enough to write a letter to with the theme “Discount on an indie ticket from App2Top”. After that, we make out the application here.

There are three nominations in the contest: best art (graphics), best game design and best story. The Grand Prix will be awarded to the project that scored the most points during the jury vote.

We will tell about who will judge the projects in separate publications, and we will write about the most interesting projects participating in the competition once a month before the conference.

If you have any questions about participation, write under this publication – we will definitely answer.