WN Media Group has announced a four-day online conference for gaming specialists. It’s called Talents in Games Online. Its start is scheduled for next Monday.

The trick of the event is that every day will be dedicated to a separate development direction.

Monday, June 8th

It will last from 15.15 to 21.00 Moscow time. The main theme of the day will be game design. Among the key speakers:

  • David Mullich, who led the development of Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV, as well as the producer of the cult Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.
  • Laura Warner is one of the designers of the mobile Tetris Blitz, has been a senior Pokémon GO game designer at Niantic for the last two and a half years.
  • Thomas Dubreuil has been heading the Paris division of Voodoo for the last year. Previously, he was responsible for publishing the company’s games as a whole.

Tuesday, June 9th

It will start a little earlier, at 13.45. The main topic is the purchase of users. Among the key speakers:

  • Alexander Bezobrazov is G5 Entertainment‘s Vice President of Marketing. Previously, Alexander headed the marketing direction of Social Quantum and was the leader of the team for the purchase of traffic in Playrix.
  • Gonçalo Alemão is now responsible for buying users in the growing publisher of hyper-casual games Homa Games (200 million installations).

Wednesday, June 10th

On this day, there will be five large reports dedicated to art. Among the speakers we note the following:

  • Djamu Jurabayeva, who previously worked as a concept artist on such films as “Avengers: Age of Ultron“, “X-Men: Days of the Past Future“, “Aladdin” and many others.
  • Carlos Grangel, head of Grangel Studio, which specializes in the development of characters for cartoons. Participated in the creation of “Monsters on vacation“, “Kung Fu Panda“, “Madagascar“.

Thursday, June 11th

The final day of the conference will be dedicated to working with the community. We note the following speakers:

  • Jumpei Oki is a Supercell veteran. In the company, he has been responsible for community management for more than seven years.
  • Jakub Vambersky is responsible for working with users in Bohemia Interactive. He handles all the feedback on the DayZ project.


All reports will be in English. Participation in the event is free of charge. You can register on the conference website at this link.

The organizers expect that the conference will bring together more than 2000 participants.

In addition, participants interested in finding a job will be able to communicate with potential employers. Access to personal messages will be open only to conference sponsors — leading companies in the gaming industry interested in hiring employees, so no one is in danger of “spam in person”.

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