The first Game Industry Legal Conference has been announced. This is a two-day conference on the law in the gaming industry. It will be held on the WN Hub platform, its key partner is the Semenov& Pevzner law firm.

The organizers inform that it will be an international event. It will be attended by representatives of law firms and independent legal experts, as well as gaming companies ready to share their experience in this field.

The event will take place at the facilities of WN Media Group, the owners of which have been holding the leading European b2b gaming conference White Nights for nine years. For the last year they have been actively holding various online events (Unreal Meetup, HR Conference, HTML5 Game Developer Day and others).

Now a pool of speakers is being assembled and an event program is being formed. Soon they will appear on his landing page, which can be found at this address.

On the same page, you can already register for the event. Participation in the Game Industry Legal Conference is free. On the day of the start of the conference, you will be able to log on to the WN Hub platform, listen to lectures, get free legal advice.

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