KamaGames, an international publisher of social casinos, has announced the launch of its own KamaGames cryptocurrency token (KGT) on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The pre-sale of tokens will start at the end of September this year.

Andrey Kuznetsov, CEO and founder of KamaGames, clarified that KGT is not another cryptocurrency, because tokens cannot be sold, exchanged or used in any way outside of the company’s social casinos.

KamaGames expects to attract new players and increase the retention of the existing audience by issuing and selling KGT tokens. KamaGames Token owners can use it in two ways — exchange it for virtual currency or store it on their account for exclusive bonuses in the form of free chips, discounts, promotions and other offers from the publisher.

It is also more profitable to store KGT tokens because KamaGames plans to gradually increase their exchange rate for its virtual currency in the next 3 years. At the start of sales, one KGT will cost 7 million chips, and by 2021 the token can be exchanged for 77 million digital tokens.

KamaGames is an international operator company founded in 2010 in Vladivostok. Today, the daily audience of KamaGames games is more than 500 thousand people, and the total audience of the studio’s projects exceeds 100 million users.

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