The Defold game engine has a new strong partner. The Defold Foundation organization that owns it has announced the conclusion of an agreement with the Minsk-based game studio Melsoft Games.

Family Island
According to the published information, the studio joined the Defold Foundation as a corporate partner.

It is assumed that now the companies will work together to develop and improve the engine.

The new functions of the tool will both be used in the box office blockbuster Family Island, which was previously released by Melsoft Games, and will be available to all Defold users as part of future monthly updates.

Among the innovations already mentioned are things like texture compression, improved stability on Android and a package for automated AI testing. In the future, it is planned to develop features, thanks to which “Defold will be an excellent choice not only for the development of mobile, but also web, desktop and console games.”

Melsoft Games is the first big developer outside of King to become an official partner of the Defold Foundation,” said Björn Ritzl, Defold’s product owner. He also noted that this partnership is proof that “the engine can be trusted to develop high-quality games.”

The Family Island mobile builder developed on it, according to the latest data from the independent analytical service AppMagic, now earns about $6.7 million per month. Thanks to the Melsoft Games game, by the end of July, it took second place among all Belarusian companies in monthly earnings (it is bypassed only by Vizor).

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