Unexpected news. In the city on the Neva River, on the basis of the Plamee studio, the daughter of an American game publisher — Tilting Point will appear. Now there is a search for employees.

Narcos: Cartel Wars
This was announced today by the company itself.

The launch of the department became possible thanks to the purchase from Playtech of the assets of the publisher FTX Games, which was responsible for the launch of Narcos: Cartel Wars, The Walking Dead: Slots and Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game. Part of the assets was the St. Petersburg studio Plamee.

We wrote about the deal last summer. But then it was not clear what the Tilting Point was going to do with the emerging Russian asset. It was only said that the publisher would arrange for 4 FTX Games employees and 20 Plamee employees as part of the deal.

Now, Tilting Point reports that it plans to fully develop the St. Petersburg studio. The latter received the name of Tilting Point Russia and is looking for new employees who will work both on new products of the company and support the old ones.

Now in St. Petersburg, the publisher employs just the same 20 people. How much they plan to increase the number is not mentioned. However, it is said that the plans include the formation of a multidisciplinary and diverse team capable of being responsible for work “in all disciplines”.

For an American publisher specializing in both buying up old game services and bringing them to mind, and producing original titles, the new department will be the sixth. Tilting Point also has studios and offices in New York, Kiev, Seoul, Barcelona and San Diego.