Gaming sales continue to grow in Russia. In the first five months of 2021, the number of in-game purchases in app stores increased by 30%, according to the Yumopeu electronic payment service. We share the main thing from the report.

Important: the company took into account payment data for the PC and console games themselves, as well as paid options that users bought. Data on mobile games were also included in the study.

Changes for January-May 2021 relative to January-May 2020:

  • the number of purchases (we are talking about game purchases made in app stores, services with browser games, various online stores, and so on) increased by 30%;
  • the turnover of stores within the gaming niche increased 2.1 times;
  • the average check increased by 62% and amounted to 367 rubles;
  • the average number of orders per game lover reached eight (plus 64%).

Changes for January-May 2021 relative to January-May 2019:

  • the number of purchases increased by 40%;
  • the turnover of online gaming platforms has grown 2.2 times;
  • the average check increased by 59%;
  • the average number of purchases per gamer increased by 115%.

Now Russia is experiencing a real boom in demand for computer games. In the first five months of this year, St. Petersburg showed the largest annual growth in the number of game lovers among the regions (4.2 times), and the Arkhangelsk Region showed the largest increase in the number of game purchases (2 times),” said Ivan Glazachev, General Director of YUMOPEU.

He also noted that 90% of players pay for games or for content in them from the desktop. The remaining 10% of transfers are made on mobile.

Demand for consoles and gaming hardware, according to the analytical resource “Check Index“, in Russia for the first five months of 2021 has also grown (relative to the same period a year earlier):

  • sales of game consoles in units increased 5.5 times;
  • the average check for a game console increased 2.1 times to 30,590 rubles;
  • sales of portable consoles increased by 31%;
  • but then the average check fell by 12% to 10,630 rubles;
  • video card sales increased by 37%;
  • the average check for video cards has grown by 123% to 39,070 rubles.

By the way, streamers in Russia also began to pay more:

  • only within the framework of “YUMOPEU”, 16 million rubles were transferred to them in January-May (1.7 times more than a year earlier);
  • the number of transfers also increased by 1.7 times;
  • the number of streamers accepting donations via UStream has increased by 30%;
  • the amount of the average transfer remained almost unchanged and amounted to 328 rubles;
  • streamers themselves began to receive more: the average turnover of one gamer increased by 33% to 10,367 rubles.