The Beijing-based analytical company QuestMobile shared the results of a study of the advertising market in China for 2020. Mobile games earned 10 billion yuan from advertising, but this is only a small share of the almost trillion-dollar market in China.The data was also published by the GameLook portal.

Below we share the main points from the study.

Key dataThe total turnover of the Chinese advertising market amounted to 914.39 billion yuan ($140 billion), of which 543.93 billion yuan ($83.7 billion) came from online advertising.

  • At the same time, the overall market growth was 10% in annual terms, and the growth rate of revenue from online advertising slowed to 12.6% (last year the growth was 24.3%).
  • The most popular video advertising format has become short commercials.
  • Revenue from them amounted to 82.8 billion yuan ($12.76 billion).The most popular model for monetization of mobile games has become a combination of IAA (in-app advertising) and IAP (in-game purchases).
  • Annual revenue from advertising in mobile games exceeded 10 billion yuan ($1.54 billion).
  • At the same time, each user spends on average more than 20 hours per month watching such ads.QuestMobile also predicts that in 2021 the turnover of the Chinese advertising market will exceed 1 trillion yuan ($154 billion), and the share of online advertising will account for 600 billion yuan ($92.4 billion).