While the latest mobile projects on “Star Wars” practically do not generate revenue, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes collects really astronomical revenue. To date, the title’s earnings have exceeded $ 1.2 billion.

Such figures were shared by PocketGamer with reference to Sensor Tower. According to the portal, in total, analysts compared the metrics of five Star Wars games: Puzzle Droids, Force Arena, Uprising, Rebels: Recon Missions and Galaxy of Heroes*.

Below is the main of their conclusions.

  • in total, these projects earned about $ 1.22 billion, but only 98% of the amount came from Galaxy of Heroes. The second highest-grossing game was Force Arena, whose revenue turned out to be slightly more than $ 13.8 million. The third place went to Uprising with its income of $7.4 million;
  • According to Sensor Tower calculations, Galaxy of Heroes received a significant part of the money (62%) from American gamers — $732.5 million. Also, users from Germany and the UK spent a lot, but the analysts did not name exactly how much they left in the game;
  • Star Wars: Jedi Challenges could also try to compete with games from a selection of analysts. But despite the fact that this project was launched three years ago, it still has not officially received any revenue from in-game spending. However, according to some estimates, the title’s revenues may amount to $ 300 million.;
  • The cumulative downloads of the top five Star Wars games are 107.8 million (or 109.3 million, including downloads of Jedi Challenges);
  • the leader in the number of downloads predictably became Galaxy of Heroes, which players installed 78.5 million times. This is 78% of the total downloads. Most of the title installations were assembled in the USA — 19.2 million (24.5%). The next most downloaded country is Russia. Brazil closes the top three countries;
  • Force Arena generated 12.7 million downloads, which again put it in second place. Analysts called Uprising (10 million) the third game in terms of installations. The fourth is Rebels: Recon Missions (4.9 million). Puzzle Droid collected the least downloads -1.7 million .

*Galaxy of Heroes is the only game in the collection that is still supported by developers.