The analytical company NPD Group found out how 2020 affected the gaming habits of Americans. Among the topics covered in the report are demographic trends, the most popular platforms and features of gamers’ spending during the pandemic.

NPD interviewed five thousand players from the USA back in August, but decided to share the results of the study only now.

We have highlighted the main thing from the material:

  • There are more gamers in the States this year. In March-August, 79% of American consumers launched games. This is 6% more than it was in the half-year when NPD conducted the previous survey (dates are not specified);
  • 26% of respondents said they started playing more in 2020;
  • Overall, Americans’ playing time increased by 33%;
  • moreover, 10-12-year-olds began to play the longest. They spent 20 hours a week playing games;

  • all gaming platforms have reported super profits over the past six months, but the indicators in the mobile and console segments have grown the most;
  • during the quarantine in the United States, the number of players among people over 45 years old has increased dramatically;
  • gamers aged 45-54 became 59% more likely to launch games, and their spending increased by 76%;
  • 55-64-year-old Americans lag behind a little in terms of the amount of time spent playing games and the growth of expenses. Their playing time increased by 48%, and spending — by 73%;
  • older gamers 65 years and older in the period from March to August played more “only” by 45%. Their expenses also increased, but not as noticeably as the rest — by 29%.

“This year, video games have become one of the most steadily growing markets compared to 2019,” said NPD analyst Mat Piscatella. “Perhaps the trends that existed even before the pandemic have just accelerated. If so, the industry will continue to grow after the lockdown. If not, we will see a decline before growth starts again. It all depends on further involvement.”

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