The lack of large offline tournaments has not prevented the growth of esports. According to analysts from Niko Partners, last year the turnover of this market amounted to almost $ 1 billion. At the same time, more than half of all revenue came from Asian countries.Key data from the report

The turnover of the Asian esports market in 2020 amounted to $543.8 million — 4.9% more in annual terms.

  • Only tournaments and other activities related to this area are taken into account here — without income from the games themselves.According to forecasts of Niko Partners, the turnover of esports in Asia will amount to $600 million in 2021.
  • Thus, the market will grow by 10.5% in annual terms.Asia accounts for over 54% of the total revenue of the global esports market.
  • In 2020, its turnover approached the $1 billion mark.The audience of esports matches in Asia reached 618.4 million viewers in 2020 — 21% more in annual terms.
  • Indicators of the Asian esports market

Due to the pandemic, offline events have suffered the most.

  • This year, stadium competitions in the Asian region will be massively held only in China.Streamer contracts and partnerships with brands will help compensate for losses from the absence of mass events.
  • Niko Partners notes that along with broadcast licensing, it is now the fastest growing segment in the field of esports.Alexander Champlin, Director of esports Research at Niko Partners, noted that the industry will eventually come to a hybrid model.

Today, online events have already shown their effectiveness — they are less costly and more flexible in terms of organization. That is why a return to offline-only competitions no longer seems so necessary.