Newzoo analysts have compiled a portrait of mobile gamers who actively use TikTok. It turned out that they are generally more engaged compared to other users. This is evident both when making in-game purchases and at the level of interaction with advertising.Note: 10,800 mobile gamers aged 18-50 from 13 countries and regions took part in the survey.

  • During the period from the first quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021, the number of hours spent watching video game content in TikTok increased by 533%. The most noticeable growth occurred in Southeast Asia, as well as in the Middle East and Africa.Mobile gamers using TikTok are much more engaged compared to the rest.
  • They are 66% more likely to make purchases in games, and 44% more likely to pay for additional content.On average, TikTok users spend $12.1 per month in mobile games — $7 more compared to other gamers.
  • Gamers who use TikTok, on average, spend 7.5 hours a week in mobile games — two hours more compared to other users.
  • TikTok users’ spending on games compared to other gamers (approx.


— there is a typo on the infographic: instead of “play for games” it should be “pay for games”)According to Newzoo, TikTok users contribute to word of mouth promotion of games.

  • This is because they often recommend titles to friends, discuss them on social networks and consider games as an integral part of their social life.Such gamers are also much more likely to watch game-themed content.
  • 45% of them use social networks, including TikTok, to search for new games.TikTok users prefer different games.
  • On average, one such gamer plays in 7.1 genres, while the rest of the users prefer 4.2 genres.Gamers who use TikTok prefer core genres like RPG and strategy.
  • At the same time, other users like puzzles and match-3 the most.TikTok users are 2.3 times more likely to notice ads.
  • They interact more actively with sponsored events, UGC content, memes, branded posts, influencer publications and AR advertising.Interaction of TikTok users with advertising

As Newzoo notes, mobile gamers using TikTok want to see more video game content on the platform.

  • This allows advertisers to experiment with different formats and look for non-standard creative solutions.