MY.GAMES decided to share its assessment of the Russian market for 2019 in June. It is more cautious than that of Yandex, which previously published a similar study together with Newzoo. However, in general details, both works converge.

Russian market volumes

According to MY.GAMES research:

  • the volume of the Russian video game market for 2019 amounted to 120.4 billion rubles ($1.8 billion at the average exchange rate for last year, at Yandex — $ 2 billion);
  • the annual growth of the gaming economy was 14% (Yandex believes that 15%);
  • the main driver of growth is mobile games, which earned 48.1 billion rubles ($746 million, Yandex — $700 million, App Annie – $744 million);
  • the growth of the mobile games market was 49% (Yandex believes that 29%, and App Annie — 44%);
  • free PC games earned 49.1 billion rubles, an increase of 5% ($762 million, Yandex — $950 million);
  • paid PC games earned 12.2 billion rubles, minus 11% ($189 million);
  • free games on consoles earned 2.7 billion rubles ($41 million);
  • paid games on consoles earned 8.3 billion, minus 7% ($128 million).

Yandex did not provide a breakdown of the console market, but estimated it in total in Russia at $ 240 million. M.Video previously reported that retail sales of video games in Russia for 2019 amounted to 4.2 billion ($ 65 million).

Portrait of a Russian gamer 2019

MY.GAMES also conducted a survey of Russian gamers (1,500 people aged 15 to 44 years). It turned out:

  • 85% of players play on a mobile device at least once a month (in mobile, the proportion of players is equally distributed between the sexes);
  • 82% of players launch a PC game at least once a month (58% of players are men);
  • 19% of players from once a month can run the game on the console (three quarters of the players are men).

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