Sensor Tower analytical company has released a report on the situation on the market of mobile hybrid casual games in 2023. We share the key findings.

Stumble Guys

  • In 2023, the market revenue came close to $ 1.5 billion. Analysts did not specify specific figures for previous years, but judging by the graphs published in the report, the market earned much less in 2022 — about $ 1.1 billion. In 2020, its revenue barely exceeded $500 million.
  • At the same time, downloads have been at the level of 5-6 billion for five years. In 2023, hybrid casual games collected 5.9 billion downloads.

Revenue and downloads of hybrid casual games in 2019-2023

  • The most popular settings included music games (18% of downloads), hyper casual games (17% of downloads), battle arenas (13% of downloads), board games (9% of downloads) and treasure hunting games (9% of downloads).

Top 10 hybrid casual game settings by number of downloads in 2023

  • The highest-grossing hybrid casual game last year was . During the year, she earned $ 182.3 million.
  • Also in the box office top 5 were Triple Match 3D ($138.8 million), Rush Royale ($70.8 million), Stumble Guys ($65.8 million) and Legend of Slime ($49.2 million).
  • The most downloaded hybrid casual game is Race Master 3D. It was downloaded 112.3 million times in a year.
  • Along with Race Master 3D, Stumble Guys (100.4 million downloads), Magic Tales 3 (94.4 million downloads), Hill Climb Racing (90.5 million downloads) and My Perfect Hotel (86.9 million downloads) were included in the top 5 games by downloads.

The most downloaded and highest-grossing hybrid casual games in 2023

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