Roblox continues to increase its influence in the USA. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the company managed to increase its revenue share in the mobile market to almost 5%, now second only to King and Playrix in this indicator.GameRefinery told about the changes in the positions of mobile publishers in the American market in its report for the fourth quarter of 2020.

  • In the fourth quarter, Roblox’s share of revenue reached 4.85%, an increase of 2.26% year-on-year. This is the biggest increase among all publishers.Roblox displaced Supercell from third place, which lost 1.09% compared to the fourth quarter of 2019.
  • The market leaders are still King (4.88%) and Playrix (5.32%), but now Roblox has a chance to catch up with competitors.
  • The fourth quarter was also successful for the Chinese company miHoYo, whose share after the success of Genshin Impact increased by 1.5% and amounted to 1.59%.
  • Niantic, which has been releasing updates for Pokémon Go over the past year, has also shown significant growth.
  • The company took the fifth place with a share of 2.67% (an increase of 1.13% in annual terms)Publishers with the largest share of revenue in the US market (left) and publishers that showed the greatest growth in the fourth quarter (right)

GameRefinery also talked about the highest-grossing genres of mobile games in the USA.

The top five included puzzles (22.09%), social casinos (17.17%), RPGs (14.33%), strategies (13.76%) and simulators (9.51%).

The share of genres in the US market by revenueCombat passes have established themselves in the United States as one of the most popular types of monetization.

They are used in 40% of projects from the top 100 highest-grossing mobile games (a year ago, the share of titles with combat passes was only 20%).

At the end of last year, Roblox postponed entering the stock exchange. Now the company plans to conduct a DPO (direct listing) instead of an IPO, and its valuation in January rose to $29.5 billion.