GameAnalytics company in its research told what indicators of retention, conversion and session length should be guided when creating match-3 games.Match-3 games remain one of the most popular genres in mobile gaming.

Experts from GameAnalytics have identified three main metrics that should be monitored first.

  • Retention of 7 days: an indicator above 20% can already be considered good.Conversion rate (to a paying player): Analysts advise aiming for 1.69%, but some top match-3 games have a conversion rate of 3.5-4%.
  • Session duration:
  • for top projects, this indicator is usually at a high level, so it is necessary to strive to keep the player within one session for about 30 minutes.GameAnalytics experts also gave some tips on monetizing match-3 games, which are usually distributed for free and earn money from in-game purchases and advertising.

  • Encourage users to perform certain actions (completing a level, starting the game daily, etc.). This will increase the retention.Reward players for viewing ads by giving them certain items/upgrades to pass through.
  • Periodically give free use of premium items to motivate users to purchase them later.
  • Use notifications to return users — for example, to give additional moves in a difficult level if the player logs in today.
  • Hold regular events and introduce temporary items, motivating users to return to the game.
  • Create a friend system to give players the opportunity to interact with each other and, for example, buy their friends premium items as a gift.