Based on the AppMagic database, the App2Top editorial board has prepared a report on the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of the past May.

The most downloaded games in May

May turned out to be calm after April, which was rich in debutants on the chart. As in February-March, there was a situation when fresh releases were not able to compete in downloads with those projects that had previously been in the top 10 most downloaded games more than once.

In the world download charts in May, only one game debuted — Car Driving School: Car Games. That’s just it can not be attributed to new products. The game was released back in September 2019.

Car Driving School : Car Games

Publisher: Spark Game Studios


This is a simulator of driving courses from the Pakistani publisher Spark Game Studios. There are no competitive mechanics in the project. The player learns to brake at the sign “Non-stop traffic is prohibited” and to park in public parking lots. The monetization of the game is based on advertising.


  • total downloads for May: 15.1 million;
  • Android downloads for May: 15.1 million.

Car Driving School : Car Games (screenshots of the game from the store have nothing to do with the real gameplay)

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the aggressive Honkai: Star Rail UA campaign continued until the first half of May. Then traffic downloads dropped significantly, which affected the position of the game in the chart of the most downloaded iOS games. She lost the palm to MONOPOLY GO! from Scopely.

Monthly dynamics of downloads and revenue Honkai: Star Rail (April-June 2023)

The highest-grossing games in May

Which, by the way, did not prevent Honkai: Star Rail from collecting $116.6 million and becoming the most earning mobile game in the world by the end of May.

Yes, the Korean hit managed to overtake Honor of Kings in revenue. The last time anyone moved this colossus from the first place was more than six months ago, in December. Then the highest-grossing game of the month was Genshin Impact, also developed and released by miHoYo.

The only novelty in the top 10 most earning games in May was Night Crows.

Night Crows (나이트 크로우)

Publisher: Wemade


A multiplatform Korean MMORPG developed on Unreal Engine 5, in which the player can move not only on his own or on animals, but also through the air using various devices (for example, mechanical wings). So far, the game has been published only in South Korea.


  • total box office for May: $23.1 million;
  • Android box office for May: $18 million;
  • iOS box office for May: $5.1 million.

Night Crows