With the support of the AppMagic service, the App2Top editorial board has prepared a report on the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of the past month.

The most downloaded games in March

The tops of free games have changed significantly over the past month. Out of the worth of attention:

  • the Royal Match from the Turkish Dream Games has disappeared — in February he headed two of the three tops, now he is not in any of the top ten downloads;
  • also, the previously headed Eggy Party from the Chinese NetEase disappeared from the iOS top;
  • Brawl Stars returned to high positions, the project entered the Top 2 downloads in the world on iOS.

There are also many projects in the top, either released in March, or previously not so high on the chart. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Ojol The Game

Publisher: Indonesian CodeXplore

About the publisher: Ojol The Game is the only hit of CodeXplore, which specializes in ultra—budget simulations of the life of ordinary people. In its few games, the studio regularly resorts to asset reuse. More than 90% of studio downloads are in the native region.

Observation: Ojol The Game is a simulator of an Indonesian delivery man. The player chooses a gender, a delivery service, a scooter and a smartphone, and then begins to fulfill orders by driving around the city.


  • total downloads for March — 16.5 million;
  • downloads from the App Store in March — 0.7 million.
  • downloads from Google Play in March — 15.8 million.

Left or right: Magic Dress up

Left or right: Magic Dress up

Publisher: Vietnamese ABI Games Studio

Observation: ABI Games Studio is one of the leaders of the mobile market in terms of downloads. Her games are downloaded 90-100 million times a month. Her key projects include the Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle (over 14 million downloads per month) and the 1945 Air Force bullet hell (around 4 million installations per month).

About the game: The gameplay of Left or right: Magic Dress up comes down to choosing wardrobe items for a particular character. The game is very aggressively monetized. An advertising banner is shown to the user after each choice they make.


  • total downloads for March — 13.2 million;
  • downloads from the App Store in March — 0.1 million.
  • downloads from Google Play in March — 13.1 million.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Publisher: American Activision Publishing

Observation: Activision Publishing is an old Activision Blizzard account, from which the company traditionally releases all mobile projects created by Activision franchises. It also operates the Call of Duty: Mobile developed in China.

About the game: The mobile version of the deep-fried battle royale Warzone. In addition to a very high level of production, the project is characterized by close integration with the Warzone version for desktop and console versions. All versions have the same progression, including the same combat passes and seasons.


  • total downloads for March — 11.9 million;
  • downloads from the App Store in March — 7.3 million.
  • downloads from Google Play in March — 4.6 million.

The highest-grossing games in March

A significant change in the grossing tops is the disappearance of Genshin Impact. Most likely, the title will not be available until exactly the next major event or update. So far, it is only obvious that a monthly salary of $ 40 million is not enough to consolidate in the box office charts.

But another game, miHoYo, has strengthened its dominance in the top grossing. In March, Honkai: Star Rail entered the top 3 highest-grossing games on iOS and the top 5 highest-grossing mobile games overall. Its box office last month amounted to almost $ 77 million.

Also in March, a novelty appeared in the box office charts.

Legend of Mushroom

Publisher: Chinese Joy Net Games

Observations: we have already written in detail about the project in the news this week, we only note that Legend of Mushroom is not the most successful game in the history of Joy Net Games. The company earned more on titles such as Miracle Sword, Dragon Trail: Hunter World and Kung Fu Saga.

About the game: idle is a battler in a cartoon style, some experts call it a clone of Legend of Slime.


  • the total box office for March was 53.1 million dollars;
  • The cash register from the App Store for March was $34.9 million.
  • The box office from Google Play for March was $18.2 million.