India is the world leader in mobile game downloads. The analytical company App Annie estimated that in the first half of 2021, the inhabitants of this country were responsible for every fifth download of games on Google Play and the App Store.

  • In just six months, Indians downloaded mobile games 4.8 billion times. For comparison, the United States, which is located on the second line of the rating, generated half as many installations — about 2.5 billion.

  • At the same time, out of the thousand most downloaded games in India, only 7.6% were published by local publishers. The games of Chinese and American companies were in the greatest demand in the country.

  • The most downloaded game of the first half of the year in India in 2021 is Ludo King, developed by the Indian studio Gametion. Also, this game has become the leader in terms of the size of the active audience. But she did not get into the box office top 10. Local gamers spent the most money on Free Fire from Singapore’s Garena.
  • It is worth noting in general the popularity of battle royales in India. For example, the same Free Fire turned out to be the third game in the country in terms of the number of active users and the eighth in terms of downloads for half a year. Another battle royale, PUBG Mobile, took the second place in the ranking of games with the largest active audience.

  • If you look separately at the period from July to September 2021, Genshin Impact also stands out among the successful projects. In the third quarter, it was among the top five in terms of revenue, rising by 17 points compared to the second quarter. Perhaps this is due to the September anniversary of the game. According to Sensor Tower, September was the most profitable month for Genshin Impact — in 30 days gamers from all over the world spent $342 million in it.

  • In the first half of 2021, the number of profitable games with hybrid monetization has increased in India. By them, App Annie understands projects that are monetized simultaneously through advertising and IAP. There are 15% more such titles in the box office top 200 compared to 2019.