We are publishing a new list with gaming vacancies. This week they are wanted: a game designer at ZiMAD, a senior game designer at F‘ART and a graphic designer at QMobi.

The selection was prepared by Marina Lopatina, Director of Business Development of Talents In Games. Recall that this is a job search service and a recruitment agency.

Marina LopatinaGame designer at ZiMAD (Remote work)

ZiMAD is a company working in the field of mobile development since 2009.

Since then, she has released games such as Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, Dig Out! and Magic Cross Stitch. Together, these and other mobile titles of the company have over 200 million downloads.

Now ZiMAD is looking for a game designer who will develop metrics and make games more interesting, deeper, more exciting.


  • development of game features and support of their implementation;
  • improving balance, game mechanics and monetization;
  • drafting concept documents and design documents;
  • support and verification of the correctness of the implementation;
  • constant game analysis and analysis of the results of new mechanics;
  • monitoring competitors’ applications and searching for potentially interesting features among games of different genres;
  • participation in regular meetings of the team, communication with designers and programmers.


  • Experience working on midcore (or gambling) and multiplayer competitive games released on the App Store or Google Play;
  • rich gaming experience in these areas;
  • experience in income optimization with InApps;
  • deep understanding of the principles of customization systems;
  • knowledge and understanding of KPI games;
  • ability to work with analytical data;
  • knowledge of English at the Intermediate level.

Dig Out!Senior Game Designer at F’ART (Remote work)

F’ART is a social and musical project that is engaged in game development, among other things.

Now he needs a senior-level game designer with experience in developing mobile games.


  • explore the game market, invent your own games and develop them together with the team;
  • work out the balance of bots and player progression;
  • to work out the mechanics of the game, history, aesthetics and technology;
  • analyze the project;
  • engage in the formation and refactoring of design documents;
  • create documentation on the meta of the game;
  • participate in the finalizing of the roadmap;
  • keep a schedule of events.


  • commercial experience as a game designer for at least three years;
  • a portfolio with published games. Among them should be projects that have collected over a million downloads;
  • the ability to listen, openness to dialogue, as well as the ability to discuss and justify decisions on the game with the team. The team should understand why exactly such a game will bring a pleasant experience to the gamer, for which he will want to return and as a result will play for a long time.

Graphic Designer at QMobi (Remote work)
The marketing company Qmobi is looking for a graphic designer.

He will have to work on the Fox Fighters project — this is a casual social casino, whose users need to develop their village and capture others.


  • work experience in a relevant position in game development from a year;
  • very good command of Photoshop;
  • up-to-date representative portfolio;
  • layout and lettering skills at a high level;
  • knowledge of the pipeline of graphics development for mobile games;
  • good sense of style, composition and measure;
  • ambition, independence and involvement in work.

Fox Fighters